Thursday, 28 July 2016

Jobs Investigations Week 2: Community Jobs

This week for jobs investigations, the Preps have been investigating local community jobs, such as doctors, nurses, vets, dentists, posties and business people (to name a few). Today, some of the Preps dressed up and continued to investigate the tools, tasks, uniform and work place of these professions. 

We were lucky enough to have two parents come and visit us this week to talk about their jobs. One mum is a book keep/office manager. She talked about how she runs her office and makes sure everyone gets paid. Another mum is a nurse and talked about different types of nurses and the tools they use. Below are some photos of the Preps using stethoscopes to hear each other breathing.  

Next week, the Preps will be investigating trades. So if there are any parents/family members who are tradies and have time to come and speak about their job, could you please speak to one of the Prep teachers and we can organise a time (convenient for you) for a visit. Having people who work in the professions come and speak to the Preps makes their investigations so much for exciting and authentic. 

Also, the Preps will be encourage next Friday to dress up as a tradie, so it is time to start thinking about possible costumes.

The Prep Team

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