Monday, 25 July 2016

Jobs Investigations: Emergency Services

Last week, the Preps focused on learning about emergency services used by our community. First we had a special visitor from Brunswick Police Station, Senior Constable Jeff Bell, who talked all about his job. Also, he let the Preps explore his police car and even gave them new police related toys to use during Developmental play. The Preps also used computer programs, ipad apps, videos, graphic organisers, dress ups, craft and books to find out what tasks, tools, uniform and work places relate to each job. On Friday, to celebrate and reinforce their learning, the Preps dressed up as either firefighters, police officers or paramedics.

This week, the Preps are focusing on jobs in our community, such as doctors, nurses, vets, dentists, posties, chefs and business men/women. On Friday, the Preps are able to dress up as one of these professionals.

The Prep Team


Senior Constable Bell showed the Preps his uniform and tools that police officers use.


Then, naughty Mr. Williams was handcuffed by Senior Constable Bell, much to everyones amusement!

Lastly, the Preps explore the police car!



Friday dress ups and exploration of emergency services during Developmental Play

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