Monday, 28 November 2016

Swimming Reminders

Swimming begins tomorrow, 30th of November, and we would like to thank everyone who has volunteered to walk the Preps to the pool.

Students will leave school at 1.20pm and will be back at school by 3.30pm. Also, please ensure to bring your Working with Children Check and no siblings are able to attend the walk (for safety reasons). Assistance is not required in the change rooms.

We still require volunteers on particular days, and the sign-up sheet can be found inside the Prep room, on the notice board.

Lastly, we are asking that students put their bathers on underneath their uniform (if possible), to ensure students can quickly change before entering the pool. Otherwise, students will be given time to change before walking to the pool.

Thank you for your assistance,

The Prep Team

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Library Books

As the end of the year is approaching, we are asking that all library books are returned to school. 

There will be no more borrowing for the year and we ask that all library bags are also returned to the Prep Area. They will be sent up to the Grade 1 & 2 room and will be ready for borrowing next year. 

If you are unable to locate a book, could you please talk to a Prep teacher to arrange payment. 

Thank you for your assistance,

The Prep Team

Shoe Boxes

Dear Parents and Carers,

Next week students will be making a diorama of a place that is special to them.
We are in need of shoe boxes for this project.
If you have any at home could you please send them with your child asap.


The Prep Team

Sunday, 20 November 2016

India Day Photos

Below are photos from the whole school Indian assembly and some more photos from the cross-age activity.

And here are some photos of siblings working together.

India Celebrations

Today, Moreland Primary School celebrated India! This semester, students have been learning about Indian culture and this morning began with a wonderful Indian breakfast (roti and rice pudding). Next, the students participated in our special assembly, that included Bollywood dancing and a parade. Lastly, students participated in cross-age activities. The Preps buddied up with the Grade 5/6's and created some amazing peacocks based on the character from the Indian story The Peacock and the Crane. The students worked together beautifully, it was a lovely morning. 

Stay tuned for pictures from the parade.

The Prep Team