Wednesday, 3 August 2016

100 Days of School

On Wednesday, the Preps celebrated their 100th day of school!

During Maths, the students completed different 100 themed challenges, such as:
Can you collect 100 smiles?
Can you build a structure using 100 cups?
What can you build using 100 pieces of lego?

The Preps brought "100 of something" items to school and they counted these in Developmental Play, using counting strategies to keep track (e.g. grouping by 10's)



Then it was time for a picture with our 100 days of school frame.


The Preps made 100 goggles and 100 days of school smarter crowns. 

And now for some more pictures from Developmental Play..

Lastly, the Preps iced and decorated their 100 days of school cake and had it as a special treat at lunch.

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