Sunday, 23 August 2015

Reminder: Contacting teachers

Dear parents & caregivers, 

Recently, we have had a number of request and questions just before or after the bell in the mornings. During this time we are busy attending to the students needs and settling them into the classroom.

If you have a question or request, could you please come and speak to us before 8.55 (we will either be in our office or around the classroom preparing for the day). One or more of the teachers will be able to chat after school if you have a quick question or something small to mention. However, PLEASE do not be surprised if we are racing around and not available to talk at either of these times - this is when we are usually heading off to meetings or planning or supervising students who are waiting for their parents. If you want a longer chat or a meeting, please do not hesitate to contact the front office on 9386 2510, email us to arrange a time to meet, or simply ask us when we will be available. We are always happy to sit down to discuss any concerns, issues or questions you may have, we just might not have the time then and there!

Examples of messages/questions for before or after school:
Letting the teacher know that a student is feeling a little under the weather
Asking for a spare money envelope
Handing in a note to explain absences or alternative pick-up arrangements

Examples of questions/issues to make an appointment to discuss:
Information, concerns or questions about your child's progress at school
Concerns or questions about your child's emotions, behaviour, social skills or friends
Information about your child that is important for us to know, for example, new family arrangements or stresses, medical issues etc

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