Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

 Dear Parents/Carers,

This Term the Preps will be learning all about jobs. They will be learning about emergency services, community workers, trades people and all about the jobs at school.

As part of this exploration each Friday the students will be encouraged to dress up.   Below there is a timetable to say what to dress up as each week.  This is not something the students have to do and we are not saying you need to go and buy these costumes.  If the students have costumes or they have a hat or jacket that supports the theme then that would be great. If students do not have a costume, then they come in their school uniform.

Please note: 
Students are to only dress up in costumes that support the weekly theme.

Also as part of the exploration of jobs, we are inviting parents into the classroom that would like to talk about their job. If this interests you, please come and see one of the Prep teachers so we can see what time works.

If you have any questions regarding these the dress up days or anything in regards to jobs, please do not hesitate to contact one of the Prep teachers.

Thanks in advance
Miss Jennah, Freya and Kellie
WEEK 2: Friday 24th July

Emergency Services
Fire fighters, Paramedics, Police officers
WEEK 3: Friday 31st July
Community Jobs
doctors, nurses, vets, retail assistants, businessmen/women, transport drivers, pilots
WEEK 4: Friday 7th August
Trades People
builders, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, concreters, brick layers, gardeners
WEEK 5: Friday 14th August
School workers
Principals, teachers, computer technician, office workers, maintenance worker, speech pathologist, students

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