Monday, 21 July 2014

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

Our integrated topic for Term 3 will focus on jobs in our community. This unit of work aims to assist students with understanding peoples roles in society i.e. everybody has a role, and without them things wouldn't work properly. Also, students will be focusing on the concept of responsibility, i.e. if a job doesn’t get done, things go wrong. 

Students will explore this topic through being responsible of their own classroom jobs, role play during developmental play, writing about special visitors and reading information texts.

Yesterday, we had our first special visitor come in to talk about their job. To prepare for this we discussed how to be a good audience and made a list of useful questions to ask in order to ensure that we could learn some facts to write about.

Next, our special visitor come into our room. It was Daniel (the schools IT specialist) and he discussed many things, such as what he does at work and how he fixes our technology.

In small groups, students then went to see Daniels display, which included: ipads, laptops, desktop computers, video players and parts of computers.

Some students were able to go into the server room (also know as the 'secret room') to see Daniels work space and the equipment he uses to fix the computers.

If you have an interesting and hands on job that you would like the students to learn about, please send us an email ( and we can organise a time for you to come and visit.

The Prep Team

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