Monday, 21 April 2014

End of Term Japanese Party!

As a special, end of term treat, the Preps had a Japanese party with Ben. First off, the Preps learnt about the history and rules of Sumo Wrestling (even real Sumo Wrestlers aren't allowed to hit, scratch or punch). Then it was the Preps turn to be the wrestlers! 

At the beginning of each wrestle, Ben measured up each pair of wrestlers to check if the contest would be fair. Next, the wrestles had to stomp their feet, as loudly as they could, to scare off any bad spirits, and to scare their opponent as well.

It is very important to show respect to your opponent, so before any wrestling occurred, the Preps bowed.

Then the audience yelled "san, ni, ichi" (3, 2, 1) and the wrestling began!

Here are some (very cute) videos which show the whole process (only viewable on the blog):

After all of that hard work, the Preps built up an appetite. Ben served some delicious miso soup and the Preps were asked to rate their soup in Japanese.

What a great way to learn about Japanese culture!

The Preps

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